Mental Health Management

Mental Health Management Plan

Helping children and teens with mental health challenges is our passion. Navigating medical and emotional challenges can be tough for families. We know that have easy access to your mental health team provides peace of mind, confidence, and empowerment as you help your child learn, grow, and thrive.

Mental Health Medication Management Plan: We designed our plan to ensure your child or teen receives the highest quality care, this plan covers:

  • Personalized Medication Management

    We're dedicated to partnering with you in managing your child or teen's mental health medications. We review your child's mental health medications and ensure we have a plan Through personalized consultations, we'll provide you with in-depth insights into medication options, their effects, and potential costs, enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

  • Unlimited Team Support

    Whenever you have questions, concerns, or need advice, we're just a message away, ensuring you're never alone in this journey. We keep track of refill requests for you, so you won't be playing phone tag trying to get refills when your child is in need.

  • Flexible Visits

    Our membership plan provides freedom to schedule as many visits as necessary to fine-tune and manage medications effectively. Your child's evolving needs will be met with personalized adjustments under the care of our attentive medical professionals. Our model allows us to meet with parents in the manner that works person, as a telemedicine visit, or asynchronously over text or email.

  • Monthly Parent Support Group (virtual)

    Our team (Dr. Boucher & NP Clara Fynbu Eggert, DNP) provides monthly parenting support sessions where you can learn specifics on how to help your child thrive, ask questions, and hear from other parents how they handle & overcome challenges they face.

  • Affordable & Budget-Friendly

    Mental health can be incredibly expensive for families between medical visits, therapy, and medications. Our membership fee is $75/month and includes all visits, evaluations, and support including text/email/telemedicine. You can pay with your HSA and budget more simply knowing exactly how much your child's mental health medical management will cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions do you help manage?

We are experts in pediatric mental health conditions. ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, and autism. Our team has extensive experience with simple & complex mental health medication management. Our two main principles 1) use as few medications as possible to get maximal benefit and 2) frequently reassess to ensure continued improvement.

When changes are made, we proactively check-in often via email or text to make sure things are trending in the right direction.

What if my child just needs to be evaluated at this time?

We can help there, too! We offer same week one-time mental health consultations for conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc. You can book those from our main booking link above or call/text us to arrange (402) 817-2116

Do I have to call or come in for refills every month?

Absolutely not! We know parents are busy and requiring visits or phone calls every month for refills leads to frustration and missed doses. We keep tabs on the dates for refill requests so you don't have to and proactively send prescriptions so you can count on them being ready when needed. If you are in need of a refill sooner, you simply text us and let us know where to send it.

We live outside of Lincoln, can we participate in this model?

Certainly! We designed this to provide help for Nebraska families near and far! For those that live in Nebraska but not nearby, we offer telemedicine visits & text/email communications as often as necessary. We can coordinate for vital signs (weight, height and blood pressure) monitoring to be done by child's school nurse.

Do we still see our child's regular doctor?

Yes! For all questions & conditions not related to your child's mental health management you will continue to see your child's regular doctor.

Does it take awhile to get an appointment when we need to talk through things?

Nope. We make it easy for same week appointments by keeping our patient panel small enough to get patients seen when issues come up. Often we can discuss things virtually over telemedicine, email, or text and help even faster when questions arise.

How much does a mental health membership cost? Can I pay with my HSA?

Our mental health membership is $75/month and you can pay with your HSA.

We set our price to. save parents money. We know that mental health conditions can often add financial strain for families between medical visits, therapy, and the cost of medications. At a typical practice most mental health visits go towards your insurance deductible and cost, on average, about $220/visit every 2-3 months along with the added cost & hassle of missing work, school, activities, homework time, and family time. We priced our model to meet or better the cost of a traditional practice and provide the ease, flexibility and accessibility to restore margin & peace to your busy family.

Is therapy included?

Therapy is not included because of the varied needs of patients in the frequency and type of therapy for individual conditions. We can, however, assist in finding a therapist to help and use our network of resources to ensure you get access and help quickly when your child needs therapy.

I'm interested. What are the next steps?

If you'd like to discuss further and decide if your child is a good fit, you can book a free meet & greet to talk through things with Dr Boucher or NP Clara.

If you're ready to join, our registration process takes about 5 minutes and once you join you can book an initial appointment as early as this week.

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