Newborn Experience

Frontier's Newborn Experience

Having a new baby enter your life is such a memorable moment. We honor your special time by making it as low-stress & enjoyable as possible. After delivery, parents are tired, exhausted, and often confused about what to expect with their newborn. We've talked with so many parents over the years and designed what we think is the perfect newborn experience for your new bundle of joy.

3 things we do differently:

In home visits

We come to your home to see your baby for their first visit after leaving the hospital, their two week checkup, and their one month visit. Instead of having you load up baby, diaper bag, carseat & trek over to our office, stay home. You can (hopefully) get extra sleep and avoid the hassle (and germs) of venturing out with your new little one.

Text messaging

We are here to answer all your newborn questions...from feeding issues to hiccups to newborn rashes and how to tell if your baby needs to be seen for a sick visit. Simply text us your questions and expect a response back. It'll give you the reassurance you need as you start your new adventure and save time with voicemails and delayed callbacks.

Hospital Visits

We love getting to know our newborns and their parents from day one. Dr. B comes to the hospital each day to see his newborns to take care of their needs & parents concerns. The continuity of care & relationship-building eases the transition home and makes it easy for us to know your baby & arrange appropriate follow-up at discharge.

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Want to learn more? Schedule a free new baby meet & greet to talk with Dr. B or Nurse Practitioner Clara about your new baby plans & concerns

Why Your Newborn Experience Matters

Parents prepare and look forward to delivery for many months and once baby arrives everything shifts from delivery mode to newborn care.

It can be an exhilarating and exhausting time for parents of newborns.

There are many things you cannot control when it comes to having a baby...but knowing who your pediatrician is in advance and what the newborn experience will be like can make such a difference to bring peace of mind when the big day arrives.

Want to learn more? Schedule a free new baby meet & greet to talk with Dr. B or Nurse Practitioner Clara about your new baby plans & concerns

We Come To You

Parents of newborns quickly realize the amount of gear required, time needed, and stress felt when taking their newborn out into the world.

Working around feeding times, wardrobe changes, waiting can all add up to a very stressful moment in the midst of just birthing your baby and getting little morsels of sleep.

Our team knows the newborn period is a time of great excitement and great exhaustation. Instead of you coming in to our office, we come to your home.

You can sleep in (as late as baby will let you), leave the diaper bag unpacked, and let baby snooze a bit longer.

We'll take the stress out of the visit by coming to your home to see baby, answer your questions, and take care of everything just as we would at the office.

How does this in home newborn experience actually work?

As a member of Frontier Pediatric Care, when your new baby arrives the hospital will let us know and we'll come see the baby each day you're in the hospital.

When you go home, we'll arrange for your first visit in your home the next day or day after.

Why not just bring baby to the office?

If you prefer, you are more than welcome to come in for newborn visits in our office!

Many parents find it a bit stressful to pack the diaper bag, get baby fed, and get to the office on time. We are happy to help make the newborn period as low stress as possible by coming to your home to see your baby, answer your questions, and make sure things are going as planned.

How much does it cost?

There's no additional fee for in-home newborn visits.

Our practice is based on a monthly membership model. Your membership fee covers newborn care, sick visits, check-ups, and vaccines. We don't take insurance but you can pay with your FSA, HSA, credit card or check.

What visits are included?

When your baby is born, Dr. Boucher will come to the hospital and see your baby each day (on weekends, the pediatric hospitalist team rounds on babies). When you go home from the hospital, we'll schedule your newborn in-home visits which include:

• First newborn visit (1-2 days after hospital discharge)

• Two week check-up

In between these visits, we're available for text messaging, telemedicine visits, and in-office visits at no charge. We have a 24/7 nurse triage line for after-hours questions so you never have to worry about not being able to speak to someone about your concerns.

How do I sign up?

If you're ready to sign-up, we recommend a new baby meet & greet with Dr. Boucher to learn more about your family. You can book that (virtual or in person) free appointment here.

If you'd rather skip the meet & greet, simply text us at (402) 817-2116 and our team will take care of getting you registered.

We only have four spots per month for new babies. If you are interested, please reach out sooner than later so we don't run out of room for your little one's arrival!

What if we are interested in the in-home visits but aren't sure on the ongoing monthly membership?

We might be able to help! We have a limited number of spots available for fourth-trimester packages. You receive the exact same experience (hospital visits, in-home visits, text messaging etc.) but for the first three months (the fourth trimester).

After three months, we'll send all your information to the office where you plan to continue your pediatric care.

Any distance restrictions?

We see patients throughout Lincoln and the surrounding area. As much as we'd like to visit your home outside of Lincoln, it often isn't feasible with our clinic schedule. If you live within ~20 minutes of our office, we are happy to come to your home!

We see patients in our office that live as far as 90 minutes away, so if you aren't in one of these zip codes we are still happy to see you and feel our services are worth the drive!

Schedule a free new baby meet & greet to learn more!


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